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This website contains colour pictures of the Etobicoke Motel Strip taken by Roger D. Moore in 1989. The photos are in seven groups which can be accessed via the map below

Some of the motels were owned and operated by long established families such as John Wren at Seahorse, Ron Butwell at the Shore Breeze and Sally Young at the Beach and Silver Moon. Other motels were owned by land speculators and developers who were quite tolerant of drug dealing and prostitution.
Many reports and committees from the Borough of Etobicoke and its successors recommended cleanup of the motel strip. Change was delayed by the slow development of a master plan for the area. No major changes in property use were permitted until the future shape of the area was determined.
In 1997 the City of Etobicoke allowed construction of he first condominium (Newport Beach on the site of the Seahorse) to begin. The Beach Motel was the last to be demolished (2012).

Denise Harris of the Etobicoke Historical Society and the librarians at Toronto Reference Library have helped with research for this website.
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Sandy Beach Motel was one of three which had some connection to the lake. There was a sand beach behind the motel which was unusual. The shore in other areas was usually was rock or concrete fill. In nice weather, the proprietor placed inexpensive patio furniture on the beach for the motel guests.

This index includes at least one picture per motel and many of the pictures taken from the shore.
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PAGEIMAGE507 Streetcar
PAGEIMAGEbeach west of P.P. Court
PAGEIMAGEbeaver damage
PAGEIMAGECasa Loma Motel
PAGEIMAGECasa Loma rear
PAGEIMAGECasa Mendoza Inn
PAGEIMAGECasa Mendoza rear
PAGEIMAGEConcler hinterland
PAGEIMAGEConcler Motel
PAGEIMAGECruise Motel night
PAGEIMAGECumberland Motel
PAGEIMAGEderelict red catamaran
PAGEIMAGEdowntown skyline
PAGEIMAGEEagle's Nest Motel
PAGEIMAGEHillcrest Motel
PAGEIMAGELake Edge Motel
PAGEIMAGELake Edge night
PAGEIMAGENorth American Motel
PAGEIMAGENorth American rear
PAGEIMAGEPlaying Field Tavern
PAGEIMAGERainbow Motel
PAGEIMAGERooming Houses
PAGEIMAGESandy Beach Motel
PAGEIMAGESeahorse Motel
PAGEIMAGEShore Breeze Motel
PAGEIMAGESilver Moon Motel
PAGEIMAGESmall coves
PAGEIMAGESNC Lavalin building
PAGEIMAGESunshine Tourist Court
PAGEIMAGESwansea&PP condos

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