Individual casino slots

Development of individual casino slots as a new trend in online gambling

Individual slots have long been in demand in the gambling business. And not without reason! The creation of such slot machines gives operators a significant advantage on the market, helps distinguish themselves from competitors and increases loyalty to their online resources.

Custom casino games development involves choosing a unique style and design, graphic and musical content, the plot, and all the necessary features. Today’s service offers many companies, so it is worth detailing its subtleties to choose the best option for you.

Creating slot machines, it’s quite a labour-intensive process because they use 3D graphics and algorithms working on the game and strategic aspects, with great detail and tracing.

The main aspects of the production of slots

1. Programs for casinos, creating only those companies that have collaborated with them for more than 10 years. Thus, each program has been tested and will work properly, without criticism and errors.

2. Stylistics of slot machines does not change their trends. For a long time, the company developers do not modify the style of slots. So it is – bandits, fruit, Egyptian style. It is already proven by all and loved design layouts. Which, and do not lose their relevance, and to this day.

3. In great demand are slots, where there are bonus sublevels or secrets. Such programs are hard to create but very valuable in the casino environment.

Virtually the bulk of developers are in the U.S., Britain or in Asian countries. Significant demand is the creation of slot machines for Asia; because it is in Asia, the market is not as limited as abroad.

Advantages of individual slot machines

Speaking about the creation of individual online slots, we would like to highlight such advantages of these games.

Large-scale advertising

A unique slot is a great reason to promote a company successfully. By advertising it, operators can attract many new customers and increase their brand awareness.

Organization of special promotions and other marketing cases, timed to the launch of the individual slot machine, will also attract a broad audience of players and partners for cooperation. Thanks to this, online resources will become more in demand in the market.


Players who are bored with the typical slots with monotonous symbols will definitely appreciate the unique novelty. Individually designed slot machines with interesting stories, colourful animation, and lucrative bonuses will appeal to every gambler.

Original slots

In addition, the presence of the original slots at online casinos can be a deciding factor in choosing the resource players.

Personalized adjustment

In the process of creating a unique slot, developers allow the operator to select the desired parameters: dispersion level, the percentage of payoff to the player (RTP), the number of winning combinations and many other characteristics.

The financial aspect

By deciding to create his own online slots, the operator can save the budget significantly. He would only have to pay for the development of his game, that is, to buy the software once.

In the case of purchasing ready-made games from well-known providers, the casino owner will have to pay a certain amount of interest constantly.

Other slots

Disadvantages of individual slot machines

Oddly enough, the main disadvantage of creating a slot from scratch is the need to find experienced programmers, understand the intricacies of the development process, and spend a lot of time controlling all the stages of specialists working on the online game.

The procedure for creating your own slot

First, the customer formulates his requirements and wishes regarding an online slot, draws up a preliminary TOR (terms of reference), and looks for a qualified developer. In turn, he should guarantee a professional approach to the work, the timely execution of the order, integration of the game created on the platform of online casinos, and further adjustment and software upgrades.

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