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What do you do with intuition in gambling?

Why does a player in the most extreme gambling games quickly decide further action thanks to his intuition? For example, in poker, when the outcome of a duel is decided, and the player is either dead or gone. There are simulations, provocations and manipulations. Players then make their decisions based solely on previous experience. In the recesses of memory, the brain is trying to find the most similar action to the situation and make a decision. And the decision is made in fractions of a second. 

In this scenario, the player relies on memory, the brain, logic, and intuition. Often in these situations, instinct comes into play. If the player has already had a similar experience in the game on the slots, he already knows how to behave.

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Whether to use intuition in the games?

Most often, the gut is used by poker players. For most, it is the perfect tool when you need to make a decision correctly and quickly. In addition, many believe that the variants of deals can be identical to the previous ones, so most of the time, the outcome is often the same; hence, intuition and memory help.

As for slot machines, the use of intuition is minimal. All the developers of table machines at the time of the creation of the slot laid a special percentage of the winnings because instinct is not working here and helps. Its influence on the outcome – none. The power of intuition is only possible at a time when you should stop the game so as not to drain the entire budget, and disappointment is not overtaken.

Consequently, it is possible to highlight the following points. 

Slot machines and intuition. The second is unlikely to work, as devices are working on a specific and initially established scheme. Therefore, whatever decision the player has not taken, all the same machines will work according to specific rules sewn into it. Ideally – carefully study the characteristics of the slot, the rate of return, various features and so on. In this case, it is possible to develop a specific game strategy.


Everyone knows that intuition is built through previous experience. Therefore, most players tend to think that a sixth sense has worked, which helped them. So, it can be in a game of poker, “red and black” in roulette, online slots.

They are memory games. The brain sees a similar situation and instantly makes a decision. Intuition is connected to the subconscious. No one knows how intuition works, according to what scheme, and whether it always gives the right advice. Nevertheless, intuition should not be dismissed and used as an additional source of information, but with logic.

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